Tyre Protection Chains Wheel Loader

Tyre protection chains wheel loader are also known as tire chains or wheel loader chains. These are accessories made of interconnected metal links that are fixed around the tire tread. Their main function is to increase the grip and stability of these heavy machines, helping the operators to be safer and improve performance. Here you will find useful information about the tyre protection chains for wheel loaders used in mining operations, such as quarrying,  open pit and slag and scrap handling.

When we talk about wheel loaders, we think about how powerful these machines are and how they are able to handle heavy loads and transport diverse materials. For example, wheel loaders play a crucial role in the mining industry and we all know that the terrain conditions in those areas are very challenging. In this case, is where the tyre protection chains are a key tool that help operators in their daily mission.

Tyre Protection Chains Wheel Loader

Wheel Loader Types and Tyre Protection Chains

Firstly, let’s check some of most used wheel loader types in mining operations and their impressive capabilities: 

  • WA 1200 (Komatsu): The WA 1200 can handle large quantities of material, such as ore, overburden, and other mining debris. It is known for its robust construction, reliability, and operator comfort.
  • CAT 994 (Caterpillar): This machine has a powerful engine and advanced hydraulic systems, allowing it to efficiently load and transport various materials in mining operations. It offers maneuverability, high productivity, and operator comfort. 
  • LT 1850 (Liebherr): This machine is known for its exceptional loading and dumping capabilities, making it suitable for handling a wide range of materials in mining environments.
  • Volvo L350F: Is a high-capacity wheel loader frequently used in large-scale mining operations. its fuel efficiency, advanced hydraulic systems, and operator-friendly features such as excellent visibility and ergonomic controls are some of its best features.
  • Hitachi ZW550-6: It has technologies for improved efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and increased operator comfort. It offers excellent digging and loading capabilities, making it suitable for various mining tasks.
  • Liebherr L586: This machine offers exceptional performance, high lifting capacities, and excellent maneuverability. It also incorporates features like automatic lubrication systems and advanced control systems for efficient operation.
  • Doosan DL580: It has strong breakout forces, quick cycle times, and excellent loading capacities. It features advanced technologies for enhanced fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and operator comfort.
  • JCB 457: is known for its advanced telematics systems for remote monitoring, and operator-friendly features such as spacious cabins and intuitive controls. It offers excellent productivity and reliability in mining operations.

These are some of the powerful machines used in mining operations but there are a lot more in the market and with different features and prices that will help you depending on the operation and activities you are going to work.

Understanding Tyre Protection Chains for Wheel Loader 

Nowadays, tyres are designed with advanced technology that allows them to withstand challenging terrains. However, you can offer an extra layer of protection by using the tyre protection chains. If you understand its benefits, the best way to use it and why the investment is worth it, you will realize that it is better to use these chains.

Tyre Protection Chains for Wheel Loader in Quarrying

Quarry environments have loose gravel, mud, or uneven surfaces. This makes it difficult for wheel loaders to maintain traction. Tyre protection chains significantly improve traction by providing a gripping surface that bites into the ground. 

The tyre protection chains are built to have resistance from sharp rocks, extreme temperatures and abrasive surfaces. So, if you use these chains in this kind of operation, you will also reduce your downtime due to tire wear, damage or replacement. This can be also super expensive, so by using the chains you will reduce the likelihood of unplanned maintenance and replacement costs. 

Tyre Protection Chains for Wheel Loader in Open Pit Mining

Open pit mining involves the extraction of minerals and materials from the earth, which often includes abrasive substances like rocks, stones, and gravel. When you use tyre protection chains, they act as a protective barrier, shielding the tires from abrasion and impact, giving you the result of a larger tire’s lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Tyre Protection Chains for Wheel Loader in Slag and Scrap Handling Operations

Slag and scrap handling operations involve the movement of materials such as metal scraps, slag, and debris, which are highly abrasive and can cause significant damage to wheel loader tires. When you use the tyre chains you are protecting the tire surface from direct contact with these abrasive materials. 

The steel links of the chains act as a shield and minimize the potential damage of the tyres. Also, this kind of operation can have slippery terrains because of the presence of oils, coolant, or other liquids. 

Tyre Protection Chains Wheel Loader

LAS ZIRH Tyre Protection Chains Wheel Loader 

LAS ZIRH made chains in its own modern factories in Istanbul and in Ankara Turkey with its own brand name, patent, industrial design rights and engineering under the quality standards of EN – TSE 663 and ISO 9001 – 2008 Quality Standard Certificates.

Does not matter how big or small is your machine and what kind of terrain or operation are you facing, because we have the capacity to build tyre protection chains that cover a full range of sizes for every type of tyre in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23 and 24mm models in Square, Hexagon and in Deca types. Moreover, our brand is known for its high quality and excellent prices, exporting over 60 countries and 6 continents. 

In conclusion, you can find rocks, metal fragments, or broken machinery parts in mining sites. These objects can puncture wheel loader tyres. That is why by using tyre protection chains you will give an additional layer of defense to your vehicle’s tires and your pocket.  To recap, we have checked here the most popular wheel loader used in mining operation, we understood the use of tyre protection chains depending on the mining operations and how LAS ZIRH Tyre Protection Chains can be the best option for you.