Wheel Loader Chains

Wheel loader chains are an excellent support to enhance traction and improve grip. These vehicles are designed to handle heavy loads and operate efficiently while working on challenging conditions and maximize your productivity. 

Here, we will discuss the most commonly used wheel loaders in mining and large-scale earthmoving operations like WA 1200, CAT 994, LT 2350, tire sizes for heavy-duty applications (70/70-57; 59/80-63), and how with this information you will be able to choose the right type of wheel loader chains for your machine tires. Is it standard link chains, studded chains, diamond pattern chains, square link chains or reinforced chains? Well, let’s check: 

Wheel loader chains

Most popular front end wheel loaders and ideal wheel loader chains 

A wheel loader, also known as a front loader, is a heavy piece of equipment used in construction, mining, and agriculture. Its purpose is to load materials like soil, gravel, and sand onto trucks. These machines are large and heavy, with tires that can be way bigger than you because the tires need to support a lot of weight and navigate difficult terrain. This is where wheel loader chains come in! They provide several benefits for these machines.

CAT 994

The CAT 994 is a large wheel loader. Its massive tires are designed to provide you with excellent traction on off-road terrains.  The design and composition of their tires are perfect to optimize your performance in the challenging environments you are facing, such as loose or uneven terrains. 

  • Operating Weight: : 230 tons
  • Bucket capacity: 45 cubic meters

The Komatsu WA1200

It is a heavy-duty wheel loader made by Komatsu. Like the CAT 994, it has specially designed tires that provide excellent traction and stability. These tires are made with specific rubber compounds and tread patterns to maximize your vehicle’s performance.

  • Operating Weight: : 200 tons
  • Bucket capacity: 35 cubic meters

The LT2350

Also called the L-2350, is a huge wheel loader made for tough jobs, like mining. It has big, strong tires designed to give you the best grip and performance when you are facing challenging conditions.

  • Operating Weight: : 250 tons
  • Bucket capacity: 40 cubic meters

CAT 992

This is a popular choice between operators because it is known for its high performance, durability, and versatility. 

  • Operating Weight: : 230 tons
  • Bucket capacity: 24 cubic meters

Volvo L350H 

A large wheel loader designed for demanding mining and quarrying operations. It combines power, productivity, and fuel efficiency. The L350H offers impressive loading capabilities. 

  • Operating Weight: Around 50 tons
  • Bucket capacity: Up to 9 cubic meter

These are some of the most used wheel loaders, but as you may know, there are way more front end wheel loader types designed for different operations and environments. Now, let’s talk about tires. 

Wheel loader chains

Find your ideal wheel loader chains with your vehicle’s tire sizes

Here you will find some commonly used tire sizes on large wheel loaders for heavy-duty applications. Here’s a breakdown of each size for you:


This tire size is commonly found on ultra-large wheel loaders. This tire size is wide and low-profile which will provide you a better stability and high load- bearing capacity. 

  • The first number, 70, represents the tire’s width in inches. 
  • The second number, 70, is the aspect ratio, which indicates that the tire’s section height is 70% of its width. 
  • The last number, 57, is the rim diameter in inches. 


This tire size is also used on large wheel loaders, mostly in mining. It will give you a good balance between your vehicle’s load and carrying capacity, traction, and flotation on the challenging surfaces you could be working on.

  • The first number, 59, represents the tire’s width in inches. 
  • The second number, 80, signifies the aspect ratio, where the section height is 80% of the width. 
  • The last number, 63, indicates the rim diameter in inches. 

Here you can check  other tire sizes that follow the standard industry format: 20.5R25, 23.5R25, 26.5R25, 29.5R25, and 35/65R33. These tire sizes are often found on large wheel loaders used in mining, quarrying, and heavy material handling operations. But remember and it’s important you check your wheel loader model, weight, load capacity, operation conditions, and terrain. Then, you will be able to find your ideal wheel loader chains…But, how?

What types of wheel loader chains could you use for your wheel loader tires? 

After identifying the most common wheel loader used in off road environments, tire sizes for these machines and we will check the most suitable wheel loader chains. However, It is important that you know what kind of environment conditions you are operating in. For example, do your operations include quarrying, open-pit mining, slag, scrap or underground tunneling? This will help you to choose the right wheel loader chain for you.

But well, that is something you need to check and then, with that info, let’s find the types of wheel loader chains could use depending on your operation conditions: 

Standard Link Chains

Consist of interlocking links that provide increased traction on slippery or uneven surfaces. They are relatively easy to install and remove and it is suitable for you to use in general applications.  

These chains are a popular choice for wheel loaders because they are equipped with metal studs or spikes that protrude from the chain links. For example: these chains help your CAT 994 to dig into the surface and give you extra grip when you are facing icy or slippery conditions.

Studded Chains

Studded chains have metal studs or spikes attached to the links, which provide even more aggressive traction.  This feature will help your vehicle to dig into the surface and offer you enhanced grip on ice, snow or slippery conditions.

Reinforced Chains

These chains have thicker cross chains or extra side chains.  It will provide your wheel loader increased strength and durability when you are working on heavy duties and challenging terrains.They are well-suited for demanding environments where longevity and resilience are essential.

Square Link Chains

These chains have square-shaped links that give your vehicle enhanced traction and durability. These chains offer you a good grip on the following challenging terrains: snow, ice, mud, and loose gravel. Square link chains are known for their resistance to wear and tear, making them suitable when you are doing heavy-duty applications.

Diamond Pattern Chains

A unique design with interconnected diamond-shaped links. This design offers you an improved grip and lateral stability. Diamond pattern chains will help you on muddy, sandy, or loose terrain. It will provide your vehicle better traction and reduce the probability of slippage.

Please remember to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for installation, maintenance, and safe usage.  In that way you will avoid damage to the tires of your machine or the wheel loader. 

Here you have found out that wheel loader chains are essential if you are looking to improve traction and grip in your heavy-duty wheel loader. You can find different wheel loader models, tire sizes and how to get the ideal wheel loader chain depending on your own vehicle’s characteristics.  Wheel loader chains are designed to optimize your machine performance in every challenging terrain you face.