Mining Chains

We will examine the numerous advantages and characteristics of mining chains when talking about tire protection in mining industry in this blog series. We will go through the many kinds of chains that are offered, how to maintain them, and how these chains affect the overall effectiveness and performance of mining operations.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the world of protection mining chains for tires and discover how they are revolutionizing the mining industry by providing robust tire protection, enhanced safety, and improved productivity.

Mining chains

Tire Protection Chains in Mining Industry

Mining is a demanding industry that requires robust equipment and reliable solutions to ensure smooth operations, actually, mining operations require heavy machinery and equipment to extract valuable minerals from the earth. These machines often have to operate under harsh conditions, where the tires are subjected to extreme wear and tear. This is where mining chains come into play due to the use of tire protection chains now more frequently talking about  large pieces of equipment like mining trucks and loaders. 

Heavy machinery and equipment are needed for mining activities in order to remove precious minerals from the soil. The tires on these devices are subjected to high wear and tear because they frequently work in challenging environments. Mining chains for tire protection are very useful in this situation.

Las Zirh TPC

Our tire protection chains are made to protect against cuts, punctures, and abrasions on heavy-duty mining equipment including dump trucks and loaders. They are a network of linked metal chains that are wrapped around the tread of the tire to create a barrier of protection. This barrier aids in protecting the tires from harm caused by jagged rocks, haul roads with jagged edges, or other abrasive surfaces frequently found in mining locations.

Minimizing Costs With Mining Chains

Mining chains are essential for improving productivity and lowering maintenance costs in the mining sector, where every second counts and downtime can be expensive; actually, for most mine managers, tires rank among the top five mine operational costs. In the mining industry, the cost of tire replacements and downtime due to tire-related issues can be significant, tire protection chains not only help extend the lifespan of tires but also minimize costly downtime. By preventing tire punctures and cuts, they ensure that mining vehicles can continue to operate efficiently, reducing the need for frequent tire changes and repairs.

More Safety During Operation

In addition to low maintenance costs and operation, tire protection chains improve the traction and stability of mining vehicles. Mining chains are used for more than just tire protection. By enhancing traction on slick roads and over steep inclines, they also increase safety and with this in mind, with the added grip provided by these chains, operators can confidently maneuver their vehicles without compromising safety, of course, this is especially important in mines since unstable ground conditions can seriously endanger people and machinery.

The increased traction allows the machines to navigate challenging terrains more effectively and reduces the risk of accidents and rollovers, thereby enhancing safety at mining sites.

Better Equipment Performance

Tire protection chains improve tire grip and reduce operating-related skids and slips, which improve performance. By adding an extra layer of security, lowering vibration, and avoiding equipment overload, they increase vehicle stability.

Additionally, technological developments have produced innovative designs that improve performance while minimizing downtime. By lowering frictional resistance and limiting wear on moving parts, features like self-lubricating capabilities or specialized coatings increase efficiency.

What Mining Chains to Choose for Tire Protection

It’s crucial to pick the best tire protection chains for your mining machinery. To choose the appropriate tire protection chains for the equipment’s weight, the conditions it will be used in, and the required level of protection, consult with a reliable supplier. The provider must guarantee that the tire chains adhere to all necessary safety regulations.

With its own brand name, patent, industrial design rights, and engineering under the quality standards of EN – TSE 663 and ISO 9001 – 2008 Quality Standard Certificates, LAS ZIRH manufactures chains entirely in its own modern factories, including forging, welding, heat treatment, mould making, and quality control lab. These factories are located in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey.

Mining Chains Maintenance

Tire protection chains for mining equipment must be installed and maintained correctly. To prevent unintentional chain disengagement while the equipment is in use, the chains must be installed, adjusted, and fastened correctly. If dirt from use causes the tire chains to become too tight or loose, compromising the equipment’s performance and safety, it should be regularly removed. The tire protection chains should be frequently checked to make sure they’re still in good shape and mended if anything is damaged, worn out, or missing.

Equipments Used in Mining Industry

In order to extract rich minerals or resources from the Earth, the mining sector makes use of a vast variety of tools and machines. The following are some of the main tools frequently used in the mining sector:

  • Excavators: These substantial tools are used for excavation and ore removal. They have a bucket attachment that they can use to scoop up and move items.
  • Haul Trucks: These enormous tractors are used to move heavy loads of goods, including garbage or ore, from the mine site to processing or storage facilities. They are made to handle rocky terrain and have large load capacities.
  • Loaders: Mined materials are carried by loaders onto trucks or conveyor belts. They are adaptable devices capable of carrying out a variety of activities, including pushing, scooping, and excavating.
  • Drills: Drilling equipment is used to bore holes into the ground for exploration, blasting, or extraction purposes. Different types of drills, such as rotary drills or underground drills, are used depending on the mining method and specific requirements.
  • Crushers and Screens: Crushing and screening equipment is used to reduce huge rocks and materials to smaller pieces.
  • Underground Mining Equipment: In underground mining, specialized equipment is used to extract minerals from beneath the surface. This includes underground loaders, shuttle cars, roof bolters, and continuous miners, among others.

Having explored different angles about the benefits of tire chains in the mining industry, we can conclude that the effectiveness and safety of mining operations is primarily ensured by multiple types of mining chains. Miners can minimize dangers related to extreme environments while increasing productivity by using chains that are resistant to wear, corrosion, and heat, among other things. We can anticipate new developments that will improve these safety measures even further as technology in this sector develops, ensuring both the welfare of the workforce and operational success.