Tyre protection chains serve as indispensable accessories when facing challenging environments with demanding road conditions.  Whether used in mining, quarrying, or off-road environments, tyre protection chains will help you to prevent accidents, save your money by protecting your tires from damage, and increase your productivity and your safety. These chains will allow you to conquer those challenging roads with ease! Here, you will be able to understand more about Tyre protection chains, how these tyre chains work, what to look for in quality tyre chains, and their applications in various industries.

What is a tyre protection chain? 

A tyre protection chain is a valuable accessory designed to fit around the tyre tread and consist of a series of metal chains or cables.  The chains are usually made from durable steel or alloy materials to withstand the rigors of driving on rough terrain. This device is designed to be flexible so they can be adapted to any changes in the tire’s shape. They also come with amazing self-cleaning properties, which means the mesh of the chains won’t get filled or blocked. These features will help you to maintain optimal control and grip on the challenging roads you will face. 

What tyre protection chains are used for? 

You can use Tyre protection chains to improve traction and grip on vehicle tires in challenging road conditions like mining. This improved traction will help your vehicle maintain control and stability, reducing the risk of accidents or getting stuck. When it comes to off-road tire care you will be surprised and maybe you already have experienced the many tools required to tackle tire life challenges.

Usually, when you use heavy machinery for mining your tires are vulnerable, easily damaged and can be expensive to replace because of the sharp, edged rock, muddy and slippery surfaces . By using tire protection chains on the tires  you can save money, increase productivity and safety. So you can save your tires, time and life!

How the tyre protection chains work? 

LASZIRH’s high-quality tyre protection chains are specifically designed for heavy trucks operating in off-road environments such as mining, quarrying, and construction. 

The tyre protection chains are installed onto the tires, forming a network of metal chains that completely cover the tread area. 

As the vehicle moves, the tyre protection chains come into contact with the ground surface. The metal chains are equipped with protrusions or studs that penetrate the road or terrain, effectively increasing the friction between the tire and the ground.

How you should know the best quality tyre protection chains?

The best way to know is you are getting the best quality tyre protection chains is to consider a few key factors. Firstly, look for chains made from durable materials such as steel or alloy, as these provide strength and longevity. Next, consider the design of the chains.

Also, you should check the durability and if the chains have features like protrusions or studs that enhance traction.  Choose chains that are resistant to wear, corrosion, and extreme conditions, ensuring they can withstand challenging environments. And… an extra tip! check if the chains have undergone testing and certification to meet industry standards.

LAS ZIRH Tyre Chains are manufactured from high wear-resistant alloyed steel manufactured in the EU. The steel is certified, vacuumed, and undergoes ultrasonic control. Each link is forged and hardened to ensure strength. Electronic induction heating equalizes link temperature and molds are CNC-designed for precision.

To create robust connections, the chain rings are welded using an automatic flash butt welding system, without the need for welding wire or electrodes. These welds undergo rigorous testing with a 40-tonne pulling device to ensure their strength and reliability. Health, safety, and environmentally friendly production are prioritized by Las Zırh.

Tyre protection chains for challenging environments  

Tyre protection chains are specifically designed to excel in a variety of challenging environments, including quarrying, open-pit mining, slag and scrap operations, as well as underground tunneling.

It’s important to understand the specific applications in each environment to ensure the best fit and performance. There are some general differences in the design, traction enhancement, wear resistance, environmental considerations, installation and maintenance. For example: 

  • Design: Quarrying chains may be designed to withstand abrasive materials, while open pit chains may have added strength and durability to handle rough terrains and heavy loads.
  • Traction enhancement: Quarrying chains may have specific features to improve grip on rocky or uneven terrains, while open pit chains might focus on providing better traction on loose or sandy surfaces.
  • Wear resistance: In slag and scrap operations where there can be high heat or sharp objects, chains may be designed to withstand extreme temperatures and resist damage from abrasive materials.
  • Environmental considerations: Depending on the environment, such as underground tunneling, the chains may require specific characteristics to minimize noise, vibrations, and potential damage to the tunnel walls or sensitive surroundings.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Some environments may require easier installation or quick removal for maintenance purposes, while others may have more complex installation requirements due to the nature of the operation.

Other Tyre Protection Chains applications

  • Transportation of Heavy Loads: Trucks and vehicles transporting heavy loads, such as logging trucks or heavy equipment transporters, often use tyre chain protection to enhance tire grip and stability. This allows them to safely transport heavy loads over uneven or slippery surfaces.
  • Military Applications: In military operations, tyre chain protection is utilized to improve the mobility of military vehicles in difficult terrains, including off-road environments.
  • Winter Driving: In snowy and icy conditions, tyre chain protection is often employed to increase tire grip and prevent slippage. This is particularly important for vehicles traveling on steep slopes, icy roads, or mountainous regions where winter conditions can be treacherous.
  • Emergency and Rescue Vehicles: Tyre chain protection is crucial for emergency and rescue vehicles that need to navigate through challenging terrains during critical situations

In conclusion, tyre protection chains are a valuable accessory for improving traction and grip in challenging conditions. By using the appropriate chains and understanding the specific requirements based on the environment and quality, you can protect your tires from damage, saving money and enhancing productivity and safety.